[{"id":4194,"post_title":"Duracore Drive System Reveals Durability, Strength After Completing Remarkable Lab Test","post_content":"Maytag machines are built to last. From the beginning, the Maytag Washing Machine Company was built on Frederick Maytags belief that quality and performance were the most important elements in building dependable products. For more than 100 years, Maytag has proven time and again that it gets the job done.Maytag Commercial Laundry has spent more than 60 years designing and testing solutions to ensure our customers expectations are met. In an industry where laundry equipment endures heavy-duty usage and continual cycles every day, our engineers understand the importance of every test they perform, both inside and outside of the lab.That includes putting machines through a gauntlet of tests, trials and inspections in our test lab to make sure our machines can stand up to the wear and tear of commercial use.Our engineers recently ended a seven-year lab test on the MHN33 front-load washers and the DuraCore Drive System, with ten machines running daily, with proper use and care and adherence to the recommended maintenance schedule.While three of the ten machines were removed from testing and used at tradeshows to demonstrate the remarkable results achieved, the remaining seven machines reached over 60,000 cycles each.*60,000 Cycles in Context20+ YearsIn a multi-family property, one washer\/dryer pair can serve 8-12 families. With families washing an average of 5.2 loads per week, it would take a washer running continuously for 20 to 30 years to reach 60,000 cycles.30 YearsCommercial washers in a laundromat or hotel typically run at least 5 loads a day. At that rate, it would take running 365 days a year for over 32 years to reach 60,000 cycles.When the MHN33 front-load washer was launched in 2015, robust advanced design delivered features including intelligent controls with M-Series technology, advanced spin technology, six-point suspension, and the DuraCore Drive System.Dan Roscoe, Lead Engineer, has been working for Maytag Commercial Laundry since 1989 and led the design concepts we see in this machine still to this date.We wanted to design solutions that translated to reliability at the core of the machine. We included a durable shaft sleeve that would eliminate shaft wear. We designed the DuraCore Drive System, which offers a watertight, flexible triple-lip seal with garter spring that keeps moisture away from the shaft, protecting the premium bearings, said Roscoe.Jason Hudock, Lead Engineer, has been with Maytag Commercial Laundry for over 12 years and led the efforts to translate design into production launch, testing and validation.Lab engineers started testing this machines DuraCore Drive System in 2015 in multiple lab locations between Monterrey, Mexico and Michigan to allow engineers easy access to results. We had such powerful data on its reliability that we backed it up with our competitive 7\/5-year limited warranty. Jason Hudock, Lead EngineerDespite hundreds of hours and thousands of cycles, our product testing team knows that quality is about more than nuts and bolts. Engineer Kurt Werner has worked for Whirlpool Corporation for over 40 years. He has more than 25 patents in his name and is an expert on laundry drives and motors. Kurt started working on commercial laundry in the 1990s and enjoys the focus on producing long-lasting equipment.Because the performance and reliability expectations are so high, all our single-load washers that come off the production lineone hundred percentget inspected and get that extra human touch. Kurt Werner, EngineerOur engineers are satisfied with the results obtained over the past seven years and will shift efforts to start testing new machines currently in development.Maytag Commercial Laundry is determined to be a brand our customers can rely on for quality and dependability, in the products manufactured and the support provided. If youre ready to see what that dependability and support can do for your operation, contact your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor.*Individual washer dependability may vary in actual use. Based on lab testing of the DuraCore Drive System up to 60,000 consecutive 34-minute timed cycles using an 11-lb laundry load on the Heavy Load setting. The DuraCore Drive System as tested included Hub, Drive Bearings, Bearing Spacer\/Shaft Sleeve, triple-lip with garter spring Tub Seal, Cross Piece Assembly with Drum Shaft, and Drum. Individual washer dependability may vary in actual use. This testing is not meant to supersede the machines actual warranty. See maytagcommerciallaundry.com for specifics related to your machine.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/11\/Maytag-DuraCore-Header.jpg",763,378,false]},{"id":4092,"post_title":"Our Durability is in the Details","post_content":"How We Design Dependability Into Every Part Of Our WashersYou can't be at your laundromat 24\/7, so you need equipment you can trust to stand up to the wear and tear that comes with constant use.Click on the interactive PDF below to see how Maytag Commercial Laundry designs single-load and multi-load washers with features that help keep your store up and running. Features like doors that can be unlocked even if the power goes out and self-diagnostics that know the difference between a machine that's been overloaded versus a real maintenance issue.For a deeper dive into all the ways our machines are built with laundromatsnot just laundryin mind, connect with your nearest Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/08\/Maytag_InteractiveTech_Header-1.png",763,378,false]},{"id":3722,"post_title":"The Importance Of Washer Spin Speed","post_content":"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=QMGlplIVzEMARE YOUR DRYERS TAKING TOO LONG TO DRY? IT MIGHT BE YOUR WASHERSIf youre comparing commercial front-load washers, one of the most important features you should be looking out for is g-force or spin speed.Spin speed is about more than washers leaving customers clothes too wetthough thats important, too. Installing 200G or 400G machines over cheaper 100G machines might cost more up front, but long-term, the extra investment can be well worth it for the overall profitability of your laundromat. Why?WHY LOOK FOR WASHERS WITH THE BEST SPIN SPEED?G-force is the measure of the centrifugal force that is exerted on laundry during the spin cycle. The higher the G-force, the more water is removed from laundry. The less water in laundry when it goes into the dryer, the shorter the dry time.Shorter dry times benefit your bottom line in two ways. First, theres the potential for added revenue from being able to accommodate more turns per day. Second, shorter dry times mean less energy consumed per turn, which can lead to noticeable energy savings.COMPARING 100G AND 200G WASHERSLets look at the difference between a typical 100G machine and a 200G Maytag Commercial Laundry multi-load washer.At the end of a typical cycle, a 100G machine has only removed about 28% of the water that has soaked into the clothes. A 200G machine removes about 40%. That difference in moisture content reduces drying time by 15% to 20% per load.Over the course of a day, that reduction in dry time can mean 5% to 10% more turns for a laundromat. Over the course of the year, that can mean up to a 16% reduction in a laundromats energy costs. And thats just the difference between 100G and 200G rigid-mount machines. Maytag Commercial Laundry soft-mount washers can reach speeds up to 400G.SOFT-MOUNT WASHERS OFFER EVEN MORE SPIN SPEEDWhats the difference between a soft-mount washer and a rigid- or hard-mount washer?Rigid-mount washers dont have a suspension system to absorb machine vibrations, so they need to be hard-mounted to a steel or concrete slab foundation to keep them from shaking.Soft-mount washers dont need to be bolted down because they are engineered with internal shock absorbers. Rigid-mount have a lower price tag, but higher installation costs; soft-mounts have a higher price tag but are easier to install.Because built-in shock absorbers can handle more vibration than a concrete slab floor, soft-mount washers can also reach higher spin speedsin other words, higher G-forcethan rigid-mount machines.WASHERS ENGINEERED WITH COMMERCIAL-GRADE DURABILITYThe higher the spin speed, the more durable a washer needs to be, so we engineer our multi-load machines with heavy-duty components, from the outside down to the drive system. Talk to your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor to learn more about how the dependability and durability we build into our machines can help keep your business moving in the right direction.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/06\/The-Importance-Of-Washer-Spin-Speed_MainImage_764_378.png",764,378,false]},{"id":3650,"post_title":"Engineering More Performance Potential Into a Front-Load Washer","post_content":"Many commercial laundry manufacturers make front-load washers, but for a company built on dependability, the standards are higher. So, when the engineers at Maytag Commercial Laundry set out to redesign a front-load washer from the ground up, they had one goal: to surpass expectations for performance and reliability.After five years of real-world usage in laundromats around the world, its safe to say the MHN33 has accomplished that objective.THE DURA-CORE DRIVE SYSTEMA washers performance depends on its heartits drive systemso thats where Maytag Commercial Laundrys engineers started. The result is the DuraCore Drive System, which has been designed and tested to run an impressive 15,000 cycles.1The DuraCore Drive system is built around a shock-absorbing, die-cast trunnion that helps strengthen the machines overall drive system and basket structure. A robust shaft sleeve, oversized premium bearings and a triple-lip seal minimize drive shaft wear and reduce moisture exposure.ADVANCED SPIN TECHNOLOGYAnother goal for the engineering team was to exceed customer expectations for cycle consistency and balance performance compared to previous models.They came at the challenge from several different angles, updating the imbalance algorithm to help prevent unbalanced loads and engineering a six-point suspension for better stability.ADDED EFFICIENCYAlong with better performance, the Energy Star-certified MHN33 also provides better efficiency. Where other comparable washers use 13 or 14 gallons per cycle on average, the MHN33 uses only 10.71 gallons.A RENEWED HERITAGE OF RELIABILITYThe MHN33 front-load washer comes off a dedicated commercial line at Maytags Ohio plant ready to perform for years to come, and Maytag Commercial Laundry backs the machine with an impressive 7\/5-year limited warranty.2To learn more about this completely re-engineered front-load washer, contact your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor.1 Based on 11-lb load, 34 min. timed cycle, heavy soil2 See maytagcommerciallaundry.com for warranty details.\/ 2022 Maytag. All rights reserved.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/06\/MCL_Blog_FrontLoad_MainImage-1.png",1200,595,false]},{"id":3646,"post_title":"Redesigning a Top-Load Washer From the Ground Up","post_content":"From the outside, the MAT20 resembles most top-load washers on the market. But inside, its a different story. The engineers at Maytag Commercial Laundry have learned a lot over the last six decades about what works and what doesnt when it comes to washer performance and dependability.They drew on all that experience when designing the MAT20 from the ground up. The result is an ideal balance of traditional top-load wash performance and innovative features.ENGINEERED FOR MORE POWERThe traditional top-load washer has stayed a laundromat fixture because they give customers the exceptional wash they expect.The MAT20 improves on the traditional flex-vane agitator performance with a unique fin design and four distinct agitator patterns that provide outstanding load rollover.At its core are a powerful drive system and HP motor that can tackle heavy loads with ease. The drives premium NSK sealed bearings, stainless steel wash shaft and seven-rib drive belt help add to the MAT20s longevityand are features not found in top-load washers from other leading manufacturers.BUILT TO LASTThe MAT20s exceptional reliability continues with a hung strut suspension design that allows for higher spin speeds and provides better performance for unbalanced loads than more common base mount suspensions.On the outside, a heavy-duty galvanized steel cabinet and porcelain top have the strength to handle the abuse of a busy laundromat.This robust construction doesnt mean sacrificing easy maintenance: an easily removable front panel and console offer quick access to important components.DESIGNED TO PROVIDE OPTIONSThe MAT20s intelligent controls also give laundromat operators more revenue opportunities with time-of-day and day-of-week pricing as well as cycle add-ons.For customers, one-touch cycle selection and a display that clearly conveys prices, selections and time remaining mean a better wash experience.BACKED BY A ROBUST WARRANTYEach component of every MAT20 washer that comes off the line at the Maytag factory in Clyde, Ohio is designed with reliability in mind, and backed by a robust 5-year limited warranty.The MAT20 represents Maytag Commercial Laundrys renewed commitment to providing laundromats with equipment that will perform, year after year.To learn more about this completely redesigned top-load washer, contact your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor.\/ 2022 Maytag. All rights reserved.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/06\/MCL_Blog_TopLoad_MainImage.png",1200,595,false]},{"id":3819,"post_title":"Nine Reasons To Connect With Maytag\u00ae<\/sup> Commercial Laundry At The Clean Show 2022","post_content":"Clean Show is the premiere international trade show for the commercial laundry and linen care industry. Its a chance for equipment distributors, OPL managers, laundromat owners and drycleaners to catch up on industry trends, learn about new technology and network. Here are eight reasons to stop by the Maytag Commercial Laundry booth while youre there:Its been a while. A lot has happened in the three years since Clean Show 2019. Were looking forward to using Clean 2022 as an opportunity to recognize, reward and further deepen the relationships we have with our distributors and customers.For the MHN33, its been even longer. We often point out that our MHN33 front-load washers with the DuraCore Drive System are designed and tested to 15,000 cycles, but thats not the whole story.1 Weve just taken the MHN33 test models in our lab offline after more than 50,000 cycles. One of those machines will be on display in our booth, and youll be able to look inside to see just how well the DuraCore Drive System has held up after all those cycles.One-on-one sales rep meetings. Our sales team will be available for one-on-one meetings with our distributors. Contact your sales representative directly to schedule a time to meet with them at the booth.Hands-on product trainings. Our service team and customer support representatives will be there to answer your product questions. Theyll also be hosting hands-on equipment and maintenance training sessions each afternoon.Meet the leadership team. Our sales and service representatives will be joined by two Whirlpool Corp. veterans who have joined the commercial laundry team recently, Commercial Laundry General Manager Jason Mathew and Director of Sales, Service and Parts, Amy Gardner.Calculate your stores replacement ROI. If youre a store owner whos considering a retool, ask one of our sales reps to walk you through our ROI calculator to see just how much replacing outdated machines with new Maytag Commercial Laundry machines can help manage utility costs, and find new opportunities for revenue. If youre a distributor, your sales rep can show you how you can use the ROI and the new store pro forma calculators to show customers the potential benefits of installing Maytag Commercial Laundry equipment.Learn how to leverage the Maytag brand for your store. Being a brand you can rely on means providing more than just dependable equipment. Whether youre new to the laundromat business or own a chain of stores, Maytag Commercial Laundry has design guidance, store signage, digital marketing assets and more available to you through your distributor.Learn how to leverage the Maytag brand for your distributorship. For distributors looking to expand their business into multi-housing route operations, OPL, or just offer more for your vended customers, ask the Maytag Commercial Laundry marketing team about all the resources available to you on the Whirlpool Commercial Portal.Share your success stories. While youre at the booth, take some time to network and learn from your fellow distributors and store owners. We love hearing how things are going for you because our success depends on your success. Let us know what resources are working for you and what other tools we can provide to help you keep your business moving forward into 2023!Clean Show 2022 is happening at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta July 30 to August 2. You can find Maytag Commercial Laundry in booth 1544. For more information and to register, visit the Clean Show website.1Based on 11-lb load, 34 min. timed cycle, Heavy Soil.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/06\/Maytag-CleanShowLeadGenMainImage_764_378.png",764,378,false]},{"id":3603,"post_title":"Putting Machines Through The Wringer In Our Test Lab","post_content":"Maytag Commercial Laundry machines are built to last. Thats because theyre put through a gauntlet of tests, trials and inspections in our test lab to make sure they can handle whatever your laundromat will throw at them.Our commercial products are built differently and tested more extensively than our residential models, both during the development stage and on the manufacturing line. Our testing plans are flexible and constantly evolving because whenever we find an issuewhether in the lab or in the fieldwe adapt and change to correct it.Ultimately, the test lab ensures our machines can stand up to the wear and tear of commercial use.Our testing lab is a real advantage for our company, said Ryan Naudi, Product Development Manager at Whirlpool Corporation. We really test products to last. We apply stressful conditions early in the product design phase so we can achieve better outcomes. Because performance and reliability expectations are so much higher, all multi-load washers that come off the line get inspected, not just a sample.TESTING AND INSPECTION ENSURE MACHINES ARE BUILT TO LASTRyan and the rest of the team put every component of our commercial machines, from motors to door hinges, through extensive accelerated life testing to optimize performance through temperature swings and power surges.Our commercial washers have larger motors, different seal materials and shaft finishes than the products we engineer for residential use, all of which are put to the test.A 10-day washer test continuously spins an unbalanced load for 15 million rotations at high speed without break. Washers also undergo an A-frame test, where they must be able to withstand 800 hours of extreme downward force, without failure. Our test lab also features an environmental testing chamber to ensure machines perform in whatever conditions theyre put under.The team continually makes improvements to things like the machines internal imbalance algorithms. They test, tweak and perfect it by running everything from comforters to boots and sometimes even solid metal bars through the machine wash cycle.Whatever you throw at us, we've got you covered,\" Ryan said. A lot of our equipment is put in really hot or really cold conditions. Maytag Commercial Laundry equipment is built to last.MACHINES ARE HAND-INSPECTED AFTER PRODUCTIONDespite hundreds of hours and thousands of cycles, even our product testing team knows that quality is about more than nuts and bolts.Because the performance expectations and reliability expectations are so much higher, all our multi-load washers that come off the production lineone hundred percentget inspected, get that extra human touch, Ryan said.Were determined to be a brand you can rely on for quality and dependability, in our products and the support we provide. To see this quality and dependability in action, contact your nearest Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/05\/Maytag_quality_banner.png",765,379,false]},{"id":3594,"post_title":"How Our Fall River Plant Manufactures Dependability","post_content":"The machines in your store go through a lot of wear and tear. Depending on your operating hours, they might even have to run 24\/7, so at Maytag Commercial Laundry, we make sure theyre up for the challenge. Before they get to your store, our multi-load washer designs are put through more than 15 million spins under the harshest conditions for more than 800 hourswithout failure.It might sound extreme, but thats the kind of commitment to quality and dependability that youll find when you invest in our equipment.Maytag Commercial Laundry manufactures and tests our multi-load washers and dryers at our facility in Fall River, Massachusetts, where our team has delivered high-quality equipment to the commercial laundry industry for nearly 50 years. Thats accomplished through extensive testing, quality control and dedicated customer support.QUALITY CONTROL ENSURES SMOOTH PRODUCTIONIn addition to customer support, Fall River invests in the quality of its manufacturing processes, with several inspection points on each assembly line.Two engineers focus on part quality from outside suppliers, and a quality control manager works closely with assembly workers and engineers to make sure each part is up to standard.All production lines also have dedicated quality testing coordinators, and every machine that comes off the line is inspected in one of the plants six quality control inspection booths before shipment.TESTING LABS ENSURE QUALITY MACHINES IN TOUGH ENVIRONMENTSFall River is also where Maytag Commercial Laundry conducts extensive product testing in a new multi-million-dollar lab.Our machines have to pass several extreme tests to ensure their quality is up to standard.A 10-day washer test continuously spins an unbalanced load for 15 million rotations at high speed without break. Washers also undergo an A-frame test, where they must be able to withstand 800 hours of extreme downward force, without failure.The 18,000 square-foot lab also features an environmental testing chamber to ensure they perform in whatever conditions theyre put under.All this testing helps catch assembly line issues before they become problems, keeping quality consistent.HOME TO TECHLINE, DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICEFall River is home to the Whirlpool Commercial Laundry TechLine, where our inside service team fields calls from laundromat owners, distributors and other commercial laundry customers.If you have a service or maintenance question about any Maytag Commercial Laundry machine, you can contact TechLine anytime Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST by calling 800-662-3587. They can talk you through repairs or even walk you through them step-by-step with a video call.Our field service team also works from the Fall River facility, providing customers around the world with support.The Fall River team is just one example of the commitment Maytag Commercial Laundry has made to innovative engineering, quality control and technical support.Were determined to be a brand you can rely on for quality and dependability, in our products and the support we provide. To see this quality and dependability in action, contact your nearest Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/05\/Maytag_Fall-River-Thumbnail.png",765,379,false]},{"id":3562,"post_title":"Polly\u2019s Laundromat Sets the Standard For Customer Care","post_content":"NAME: Diane Hannah-Wilson and Jack WilsonBUSINESS NAME: Pollys LaundromatLOCATION: PhiladelphiaOVERVIEW: Since 2008, the owners of Pollys Laundromat have aimed to give their customers a great wash experience and the same level of attentive service as they get from their Maytag Commercial Laundry DistributorA MAYTAG COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY SUCCESS STORYRight from the beginning, we have always had Maytag Commercial Laundry machines, says Diane Hannah-Wilson, who owns Pollys Laundromat with her husband Jack Wilson. Weve always enjoyed them, always believed in them. Theyre the gold standard.Pollys Laundromat is a 2,400 square-foot store in the heart of South Philadelphia that the Wilsons opened in 2008. After 13 years and thousands of turns, the maintenance costs on many of their original machines were creeping up.Replacing them made good business sense, so they started by swapping out their four Maytag Commercial Laundry top-load washers for new ones, and replacing two 30-pound dryer stacks with larger 50-pound ones.DURABLE, DEPENDABLE, EASY-TO-USE EQUIPMENTFor the Wilsons, sticking with Maytag Commercial Laundry machines was never in question.The customers are very happy with them, as well as the attendants and myself, Diane says. They're dependable. They are built for heavy usage. They're durable, quality machines that are easy to use.She particularly appreciates the clear, easy to understand display.When customers are hurrying and they put money in there and it doesn't start, they can look right on the screen and see how much theyve put in. It tells you at any point in the process where you are in the cycle. It's a very, very user-friendly machine.For the Wilsons, sticking with Maytag Commercial Laundry machines was never in question.The customers are very happy with them, as well as the attendants and myself, Diane says. They're dependable. They are built for heavy usage. They're durable, quality machines that are easy to use.She particularly appreciates the clear, easy to understand display.When customers are hurrying and they put money in there and it doesn't start, they can look right on the screen and see how much theyve put in. It tells you at any point in the process where you are in the cycle. It's a very, very user-friendly machine.A DISTRIBUTOR WHOS ALWAYS THEREDiane describes the teams at both Maytag Commercial Laundry distributors theyve worked withfirst Equipment Marketers in Cherry Hill, NJ, then when the owners of that business retired, Superior Laundry Equipment in Brooklyn, NYas second to none when it comes to sales and service.Theyve been working with the same sales representative, Jason Barcroft, since Pollys Laundromat opened in 2008, first at Equipment Marketers and then at Superior Laundry Equipment. For the Wilsons, Jason is more than just a sales representative. Hes a business advisor that they feel comfortable going to with questions about whether to expand, raise vend prices or upgrade to larger equipment.He really helps us navigate through the laundromat industry, as far as demographics, how many turns per day you should be averaging, what customers are looking for when they come to a laundromat, things like that, says Jack.For Diane, that relationship reflects their larger relationship with Maytag Commercial Laundry. That's what Maytag has been to us: always there. Always accessible, always, how can I help you? It's the standard of care.MAKING CUSTOMERS COMFORTABLEThe Wilsons know that when you own a business, you can never take customers for granted, so they are also mindful of the standard of care Pollys Laundromat offers its customers. Several of the attendants that work at the store and provide wash-and-fold services have been at the store since it opened.I think whoever you have working there should be warm, welcoming and helpful, Diane says. Not hovering over people, just greeting them and telling them, Do you have any questions with anything? Please ask.They also recognize the role machines can play in customer satisfaction. After all, great customer service doesnt mean much if washers and dryers arent providing the wash experience customers expect.New equipment and great customer service will help build customer confidence in your business, says Jack.By gradually upgrading their equipment, the Wilsons are showing their customers that they are invested in continuing to provide them with a better laundry experience.Interested in seeing what value the right equipment investment can do for your business? Whether your goals are to increase customer satisfaction or minimize operating costs, contact your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor. They can help you determine the potential impact new equipment can have on your bottom line.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/05\/Maytag-Case-Study-Pollys-Laundromat-Thumbnail.png",765,379,false]},{"id":3398,"post_title":"Year After Year, the Washboard Laundry Keeps Running","post_content":"NAME: Patty LawrenceBUSINESS NAME: The Washboard LaundryLOCATION: Salt Lake City, UTOVERVIEW: A neighborhood laundromat that has stayed in business for 40 years through the strength of relationshipsboth with their customers and their longtime Maytag Commercial Laundry distributorA MAYTAG COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY SUCCESS STORYThe Washboard Laundry and Maytag Commercial Laundry have a lot in commonboth have been around for decades, are companies their customers depend on and know the importance of customer service.Owner Patty Lawrence says that when she and her husband started the laundromat 40 years ago, there were six other laundromats within a mile. Today, The Washboard is the only one left. Lawrence attributes this to The Washboards focus on maintaining a pleasant customer experience, with her or another family member usually at the store to greet customers and provide drop-off wash\/dry\/fold services.For the last four decades, The Washboard has always depended on Maytag Commercial Laundry washers.I've always stuck with Maytag washers. Even my machines at home are Maytag machines. People know the Maytag name, she says. The brand name of Maytag still means dependable.A RELIABLE DISTRIBUTORAt one point Patty had tried another dryer brand, but the decision to switch back to Maytag Commercial Laundry machines was an easy one, especially with the support shes gotten for decades from Mendenhall Commercial Laundry.Brad Noyes from Mendenhall met me at a couple of laundromats to look at the dryers and walk me through the new features and everything, says Lawrence.Noyes also helped with more than just equipment. She says he connected her with financing options, helped her choose a new card payment system and helped coordinate the installation of new plumbing and gas lines.He was there to help install the machines and make sure everything was up and running before he left, she says. Mendenhall has walked me through these new dryers a couple of times, how to read and fix all the diagnostics codes. Having a distributor there to help you with tech support or advice means a lot to me.With the other brands distributor, she often had to put in an order and wait two weeks for replacement parts. Not so with Mendenhall, she says.When I call, they always have the parts for us. They're always there to support our maintenance people if they have questions. If we can't do something, they send a technician out.SOLIDLY DEPENDABLE DRYERSOf course, a reliable distributor is only half the equation. The equipment has to be just as dependable.In comparing them to other brands, Lawrence says the Maytag Commercial Laundry machines were just cleaner, more solid-looking dryers, particularly the doors. In her old dryers, the gaskets around the windows frequently wore out. The doors of the Maytag dryers, in comparison, are built as one solid piece, so she says she no longer worries about the windows falling out.When it comes to maintenance, she likes that often all she needs to do is give the Maytag or Mendenhall technicians a diagnostic code and they can walk her or her maintenance people through the right fix.As for her customers, she says they love the reversing feature on the new dryers, because it means they dont have to worry that their clothes are going to end up in a ball and not dry completely.A LASTING REPUTATIONAfter 40 years in business, Lawrence knows what she wants in equipment and how she wants to run her store. Working with Maytag Commercial Laundry and Mendenhall helps facilitate that.I think our distributor is half the reason that we went with Maytag Commercial Laundry. But also the look, the quality from fit to finish. Maytag has kept up with change, what users and customers want as far as making them easy to use, she says.Interested in seeing what value the right equipment investment can do for your business? Your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor can generate a customized analysis of your store and the potential impact new equipment can have on your bottom line.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/02\/Maytag-Bio-Three_765_379.png",765,379,false]},{"id":3316,"post_title":"Northgate Laundromat Depends on a Stepped Approach to Replacement","post_content":"NAME: Glen HawkinsBUSINESS NAME: Northgate LaundromatLOCATIONS: Tucson, ArizonaOVERVIEW: A strong warranty, appealing equipment and dependable support makes sticking with Maytag Commercial Laundry an easy decision every step of the wayWhen Glen Hawkins bought Northgate Laundromat in Tucson, most of the Maytag Commercial Laundry machines in the store were at least a dozen years old, and some almost two decades old. Maintenance costs made it clear hed have to retool the store. The question was whether to stick with Maytag Commercial Laundry or switch to another brand.I've always felt comfortable with Maytag machines. I've had Maytag machines at home, and the customers are a lot more comfortable with Maytag equipment. They always talked about how they've had Maytag washers all their lives. The name is respected out there, Hawkins says.DEPENDABLE VALUEHawkins looked into other equipment options but ultimately decided to stay with Maytag Commercial Laundry.The warranty was the big thing for me. You're not getting that with other companies. I don't think there's a question in my mind that the value is there for a store owner with Maytag.In addition to overall dependability, he likes several features on the MYR machines that have replaced his outdated MFR models, including the improved locking mechanism and the ability to go back and add a spin cycle. When a customer overloads itwhich theyre going to doit keeps the washer from draining very well or doesn't spin the clothes out very well, you can add another spin cycle quite easily.CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONWhen he first bought Northgate Laundromat, he changed out the top-load machines customers saw on entering the store with MHN33 front-load machines. Over the last few years, hes been gradually replacing his 25- and 35-pound MFR washers with 30-, 40- and 55-pound MYR models.The new machines were a huge hit right away with the customers. There have been no issues with customers complaining about the increase in vend price.Hawkins says customers especially like that the new machines have shorter cycle times. It saves them time, but also adds profit potential for him. Hes been keeping track of turns and says the larger-capacity machines are definitely seeing more use than the machines they replaced.SUPPORT AND SERVICENorthgate still has a few older machines Hawkins would like to replace in the next few years. His plan is to replace the last six top-load washers with MHN33 front-load machines and add six more multi-load machines.These older machines tend to require more maintenance, but Hawkins says he has a great relationship with his distributors service department and Maytag Commercial Laundry. The service technicians have been outstanding. I can always get ahold of my distributor, and I can always get ahold of Maytags service line.BUSINESS BENEFITSNow that hes replaced most of his older machines with faster, more water-efficient equipment, Hawkins is ready to expand his profit potential even more by starting laundry pick-up and delivery service at Northgate Laundromat.The efficiency of these new machines has been great for our operation and for our customers. They were definitely needed. Moving forward, I wont be concerned with machines breaking down.Interested in seeing what value the right equipment investment can do for your bottom line? Your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor can generate a customized analysis of your store and the potential impact new equipment can have on your bottom line.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/01\/Blog04_Images_764x378.jpg",764,378,false]},{"id":3029,"post_title":"Laundry Depot Retools For Added Capacity","post_content":"https:\/\/youtu.be\/20GmVQFZM8UNAME: Chuck HinkelBUSINESS NAME: Laundry DepotLOCATIONS: 3 in upstate New YorkOVERVIEW: Replacing old machines with larger capacity washers is a win-win for customers and the stores bottom lineChuck Hinkel has only been in the laundromat business for five years, but hes learned a lot in that short time. Since buying his first laundromat hes been able to double that stores business, and the business at the second store he bought a few years later. He recently bought a third laundromat and with the help of MaytagCommercial Laundry and his distributor, CSC ServiceWorks, is in the process of making that store just as successful as the other two.START WITH THE RIGHT SUPPORTThe first lesson Hinkel learned was the importance of surrounding yourself with the right support. Because he was new to the laundromat industry, he depended on the expertise of TJ McEwen, a regional sales manager at CSC, to get his first store up and running.Its been quite a learning curve. Ive been given good advice and Ive surrounded myself with good people like TJ and Maytag Commercial Laundry. He taught me a lot about the ins and outs of the laundromat business, percentages of what your utilities should be and what having bigger equipment could do, he says.Next was finding the right equipment. I took a tour of the Maytag facility when I was trying to decide what kind of equipment to buy. That was helpful, to really kind of understand the technology they were implementing. Its really good quality, he says.The reason I went with Maytag Commercial Laundry is because they have the warranty that really backs up their equipment. Maytag has a five-year warranty on all parts and a 10-year warranty on the motor and in all the main, big parts. So even if you take out a loan to purchase the machines, you know youre covered on your warranty. You dont have to worry about big, expensive repairs. They back up their product in a way unlike any other company in the business, in my opinion.ADD WASHER CAPACITYWhen Hinkel purchased his third store in December 2020, he put the lessons he learned running his first two stores to work. That meant doing a full retool to install larger capacity machines.It was a laundromat that was doing good, but it had potential to do great. There really wasnt any big equipment. The dryers were old, the washers were old and didnt have any new technology.With just 1,400 square feet of space, capacity and machine mix were key. So he replaced the stores four 30-pound washers with three 65-pound Maytag Commercial Laundry washers, adding 75 pounds of capacity. Plus, because one cycle in the new washers uses less water than one cycle in the old top-load ones, he was also able to reduce the stores water consumption.Laundromats are like restaurants. The more laundry you can turn over, the more money youre going to make, Hinkel says. So obviously my capacity grew, but I became way more efficient, too. Instead of customers doing three or four loads, they can put everything in one washer, get it done and theyre out.SEE BENEFITS TO THE BOTTOM LINEEven though the vend price is higher on the new machines, Hinkels customers are still saving money thanks to the added capacity.In a 65-pound washer, you can do the equivalent of six loads for $7. To do six loads in the top-load washer, youre going to spend anywhere from $12 to $14, Hinkel points out. The laundromat is becoming more efficient and can turn people over quicker. Thats what new machines and new technology offer ownersthe ability to increase their business.And since I was able to double my vend price, you can imagine what my bottom line has done.Interested in seeing what value the right replacement investment can do for your bottom line? Your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor can generate a customized analysis of your store and the potential impact new equipment can have on your store.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/07\/8248-05_Blog_Images_764x378-03.jpg",764,378,false]},{"id":1528,"post_title":"Roadmap For A Successful Retool","post_content":"Not sure where to start when planning for equipment replacement? Check out our map for a step-by-step guide to navigating the process and make sure youre headed toward success.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/10\/8248-06_Maytag_VendLeadGen_Roadmap_Infographic_vF-pdf.jpg",1344,4408,true]},{"id":1519,"post_title":"How O-Town Laundry Plans For Success - An Equipment Replacement Success Story","post_content":"NAME: Joe JepsonBUSINESS NAME: O-Town Coin LaundryLOCATIONS: 4 in the Salt Lake City areaOVERVIEW: Making sure customers get a great experience today starts with planning for tomorrow.We were an apartment management company, mostly, says Joe Jepson. Now were moving into being more of a laundry company.That move started when his company, Diamond J Management, bought an apartment building and instead of retooling the existing common laundry room, had the idea of opening a laundromat in a vacant 800-square-foot commercial space on the ground floor. They worked with their distributor, Mendenhall Commercial LaundryEquipment, and together they determined that the areas demographics made it a promising location for a laundromat.Today there are four O-Town Coin Laundry locations in Ogden, Utah, all designed to provide the ultimate customer experience, and all equipped with Maytag Commercial Laundry machines.Were pretty loyal to Maytag Commercial Laundry. In our experience, we fix them far less than the old machines. And thats very nice.Customers find stores with a single brand more appealing, Jepson says. When you replace your machines, they look beautiful. The Maytag machines look great. People love that, and it attracts new customers to your store, especially if your competitors arent doing it around you. We always look at whether our competition is retooling.What other advice does he have for his fellow laundromat owners?DO THE FLOOR LAST, AND OTHER ADVICE.The first point he brings up, especially when talking to new laundromat owners, is Never, ever put your floor in before you put in your machines. Do your floor last. We learned that one the hard way.A less obvious piece of advice? Install bigger machines than you think you need. One of the reasons we end up doing a partial retool is that we realized we didnt install big enough machines. It gives you more capacity. If your store is crowded, put in those bigger machines and theyll get people in and out quicker.GIVE CUSTOMERS CHOICES.Whenever we are given an opportunity to install something or change something in a store, the question is always, does this give our customers more choices? We are competing against apartment buildings and homes that already have machines in them, yet were getting more customers all the time and we feel its because of all the choices we offer.Jepson points specifically to the ability to program their Maytag Commercial Laundry washers with different cycle options and add-ons.These newer machines give a lot of value to our customers fast spin cycles, extra hot water, stuff like thatthat let us increase our vend prices and make a little bit more additional income.BIGGER MACHINES DONT HAVE TO MEAN BIGGER UTILITY BILLS.Jepson also reminds other owners that retooling can have a notable impact on utilities. That apartment building where he turned the common laundry room into a public laundromat? Despite more customers, more turns and larger machines, utility costs stayed about the same.It really surprised us how much more efficient the newer commercial Maytag machines were than our older residential ones. Our water bill didnt go up, our gas bill didnt go up. Nor did our electric bill, which was what really surprised us, he says. We saw first-hand that by upgrading to new commercial machines, we made a lot more money.Now whenever they retool their other stores, they know they may see utility savings. Our experience has been that the washers themselves use less hot water, less water overall, and the dryers use less gas than the older models. At least thats our experience.PLAN AHEAD FOR REPLACEMENT.When O-Town Laundry buys an existing store, they always budget in the cost of replacing all the existing machines with new ones, just as they would factor in the cost of new machines when building a store from the ground up.Even though Jepson expects equipment like rigid-mount washers and dryer stacks to last for at least a decade and a half, he knows how important it is to start setting aside a maintenance reserve and saving for replacement equipment years before his machines start wearing out.He points to the Maytag Commercial Laundry MH33 washer as an example. Theyre very popular with customers. In Joes experience, they have to be replaced about every 5 years or 15,000-20,000 cycles, so he builds these costs into his operating budgets. That way hes set if anything happens, but when the timecomes and if theyre looking good and not breaking down on us, well keep them running and just keep saving that money.He learned that lesson after buying a store from an owner who hadnt been putting money aside for maintenance or replacement. The machines looked a lot better than they ran, and the store barely generated enough revenue to pay the bills. The previous owner hasnt been putting money aside and was backed into a corner.Its a great lesson in setting money aside and updating your machines so that you dont get pushed into a corner. After retooling with new machines, we saw our income go up and our utilities actually go down. Its one of the best success stories we have, that little store. Its a perfect example of why you should at least partially retool your store over time.Interested in seeing what value the right replacement investment can bring to your laundromat? Your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor can generate a customized analysis of your store and the potential impact new equipment can have on your bottom line.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/01\/Blog04_Images_764x378.jpg",764,378,false]},{"id":1491,"post_title":"Strength in Leadership: Bill Rancic\u2019s Top Tips","post_content":"I knew I wanted to be my own boss very early on in my career. Because I was so young, just three years out of college, I had a lot of learning to do along the way. My partner and I started a cigar of the month club and after many long days and nights, success soon followed. We were thrilleduntil the \"of the month clubs\" started to become less and less popular and eventually obsolete.At that point, we had to be agile, so we quickly changed our business model and started supplying cigars to restaurants, golf courses, and casinos. Embracing change is an important skill that I still implement on a regular basis.Because we were able to pause and pivot\" the business grew and we were eventually able to sell it. That is where leadership comes into the picture. Being a strong leader, who is willing to make big decisions is essential to a successful business.Here is how to go about being a strong leader: Be creative and try to forge a new path. If something isn't working, try to come up with your own innovative solution. Embrace the \"never make excuses\" mindset; meaning don't give into the temptation to blame unexpected outcomes on external reasons, take responsibility for your role and take actions to ensure your desired results. Value people, their power and their potential. You hired these people for a reason; now take advantage of their potential and give them an opportunity to prove themselves.Once you have those tools in place the next step is to take action: Use practical execution- learn how to show and not just tell. Show your employees you want to enable them to do their bestwork by offering professional development opportunities. Value agility and take advantage of opportunities - think big here. Use this to grow your territories and provide new opportunities to your customers. Offering financing options and post-pandemic support would be a good start. Convert risk to success by your leadership skills and thinking two steps ahead of your competitor.","post_image":false},{"id":1484,"post_title":"Know What Your Store Is Worth\u2014Even If You Don\u2019t Plan To Sell","post_content":"For Brian Wallace, president of the Coin Laundry Association, many of the business decisions that come with running a laundromat should be framed by one question: What is your store worth? Even if youre not planning on selling your store any time soon, what your store is worth can be helpful when determining whether to remodel or retool.I would say that even good operators often don't have a good handle on what the store is worth, says Wallace. You should be selling the store when it's worth the most. I think most owners sell when their store is worth the least.What he means by that is that many owners come to the decision to sell after years of not maintaining or investing in their store. Its at that point that many owners are surprised to find out that their store isnt necessarily worth what they originally paid for it, or what they paid for their equipment all those years ago. Or theyve been looking at their gross income and not paying attention to what their net profit is.Valuing your store.Wallace recommends doing an annual valuation of your store or stores.That said, theres no one simple formula for determining the value of a laundromat business. Three common ones are the gross income multiplier, the net income multiplier and the store value multiplier methods. The gross income multiplier method calculates value as a multiple of a stores gross income. That multiplier, usually between 1 and 2.5, can vary widely depending on your market and other variables. Unlike the gross income multiplier method, the more accurate net income multiplier method takes expenses into account. This method takes your annual net income (not including debt service and depreciation) and multiplies it by a factor that usually ranges between 3.5 to 5.5, again depending on your market and other variables. The store value multiplier method is based on a stores average monthly income and takes several other factors into consideration, such as lease length and equipment age. This makes it a more accurate, but also more complicated, method.Even if its just on a yellow pad at your kitchen table. Talk to a business broker who knows the industry, or to your Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor, whomever your go-to person is. Even if you just stick that valuation in a drawer, if youre doing it every year, at least youre tracking the ebb and flow of the value of your business.Knowing your net.The value of your business is based largely on the net profit. That net is not static. The water bill goes up, wages go up, suddenly your equipment's getting a little older and you're buying more parts. All of this impacts your net, says Wallace.Detailed records can improve the value of your store because they offer proof of a stores net income and expenses. But because coin laundry is mainly a cash business, many owners dont keep accurate records. Many owners also dont track the hours they spend cleaning and doing repairs as expenses.Knowing your stores value means keeping accurate records of maintenance and repairs, as well as utility costs. If you havent been doing this, you may discover some opportunities for improvement you hadnt considered before.Your nearest Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor can help you maximize your laundromats value. One way they can do this is by using our replacement calculator tool. By entering your stores equipment mix, vend prices and utility costs, your distributor can give you a detailed analysis of how replacing equipment could help you improve your business.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/07\/8248-05_Blog_Images_764x378-03.jpg",764,378,false]},{"id":1433,"post_title":"A Step Toward Added Profit Potential","post_content":"Your profit rests in the quality and performance of your machines. Replacement can be intimidating and the factors that influence the decision to replace will be different for every store. Those whys can tell you a lot about how you can best approach the replacement processwhether you should be considering a full retool or would benefit from a stepped approach, and what equipment to replace first.The financial benefits of replacement are clear. Replacing aging equipment with new equipment can help you optimize your operating expenses, reduce your maintenance costs, potentially open up new revenue opportunities and help keep customer satisfaction high. All of which will keep your business running smoothly. Recent CLA research shows that when considering replacing machines, 75% of owners surveyed said they are considering a gradual, or stepped, replacement as their primary approach.1A stepped approach offers the flexibility of replacing by bank, by machine type or simply as needed. Each of these strategies offer different benefits depending on why youre replacing. Lets talk about how that works.By Bank.Replacing an entire bank of machines every few years shows your customers youre continually investing in your store. Because banks tend to be the same type of machine installed at the same time, theyve most likely aged at the same rate, making replacing them together an obvious choice. Going bank-by-bank can make it easier to increase vend prices, and the consistency can help with business budgeting and planning. Depending on the size of your store, it can also provide flexibility to adjust machine mix.By Machine Type.Because similar machines tend to be grouped together, replacing by type or capacity of machine can be very similar to replacing bank-by-bank, with the same advantages. Its a good strategy if youre trying to increase vend prices, especially if youre taking the opportunity to move up in capacity (for example, swapping out top-load machines for 20 lb. multi-load machines). If utility costs are a concern, determining which machines are the least efficient and replacing them first can make a big impact on utility costs.As Needed.If youre in a market without much competition, or with just a few years left on your lease, replacing as needed could be the simplest answer. Its a good option if repair costs are an issue, but you dont have much capital to spend. It provides the least amount of flexibility for switching up your machine mix but does allow you to replace top-loaders with higher-capacity front-loaders with the same footprint.Replacing just a few machines per year may not make a big dent in utility costs, however. It can also be difficult to raise vend prices on new machines when theyre next to less-expensive options.A Stepped Approach Still Needs a Plan.If you choose to replace by bank or type, take the time to plan and minimize downtime. Consider where in the store the bank is located and be sure to plan for traffic flow and ease of use of other machines so customers can still use your store safely and meet their needs. Help customers understand the replacement process and the new machines with clear signage. Alert them to the incoming machine upgrades and once in place, display clear instructions on what the machines offer and how to use them.CLA research shows that customers will pay up to 20% more to use new machines and they seek those upgrades.2 As you replace a type or bank of machines, track available inputs like turns per day to help determine return on investment. This information will help you planand perhaps pay foryour next replacement.Consider the Benefits of Retooling with Maytag Commercial Laundry.As you replace machines, remember, the name on your machines matters. Consumers have depended on the Maytag name for generations. Replacing your equipment with our machines helps you leverage that familiarity with your customers. Retooling your store with 100% Maytag Commercial Laundry machines gives you access to exclusive resources and tools like:3Design guidance for everything from store layout and machine mix for the common store sizes to fittings and fixtures.Marketing tools and materials to help promote your store.A variety of in-store signage, from instructional signs to creative graphics.Comprehensive support from Maytag Commercial Laundry to help you build your brand and improve your stores profitability.Connect with your distributor today to discuss how stepped replacement could work for your store and how Maytag Commercial Laundry can help you power your store.1CLA, Equipment Replacement Understanding Laundromat Owner Attitudes, Approaches and Motivators2CLA, Deciding When to Replace Laundry Equipment3Terms and conditions apply","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/04\/Blog_Images_764x378-05.jpg",764,378,false]},{"id":4242,"post_title":"Is Your Store\u2019s Lease a Replacement Roadblock or a Business Asset?","post_content":"IS YOUR STORES LEASE A REPLACEMENT ROADBLOCK OR A BUSINESS ASSET?The consistency of running a laundromat is a large part of what makes it an attractive business. But looking beyond the regular customers, routine maintenance and steady cash flow, successful store owners know its important not to confuse consistent with complacent.Your store may be pulling in a consistent gross revenue each week for years, but thats only half the story. Without regular investments of time and money, the profitability of your store and value of your business will slowly erode. What are the roadblocks that are keeping you from investing more in your store?In our e-book Reequipping for Success, we asked several laundry experts about overcoming common roadblockslike a short leasethat get in the way of equipment replacement. In this excerpt, commercial real estate developer John Holborow points out a few ways that your lease and your landlord may be more flexible than you think.MORE FLEXIBILITY THAN YOU THINKThe earning potential of a laundromat is directly proportional to the amount of time left on a lease, making your lease a major factor impacting any business decision you make.Its understandable to be hesitant to invest in new equipment if theres uncertainty around the future of your lease. But before you assume your landlord holds all the cards or the terms of your lease are set in stone, its worth opening up a conversation.\"Every lease is different. The fact of the matter is that so much of it is negotiable. Don't count something out that you didnt think of five or 10 years ago when you negotiated your original lease, says Holborow.Holborow encourages tenants to be transparent about what their business needs.The security of knowing Im going to have a tenant that's going to stay there for five or seven more years, thats valuable. A 3,000 or 5,000 square foot space thats vacant is going to be a much bigger drag on a landlords bottom line than offering rent abatement or an improvement allowance.He says a lease should be a tool for spelling out the terms of the agreement between tenant and landlord, not a threat one holds over the other.I want you to be successful. In return, l promise that I'll keep the shopping center maintained, I'll keep the lights on in the parking lot and keep it full of tenants. That's my obligation to you. We're there together.\"UNDERSTANDING YOUR LEASEEven with the most supportive landlord, a lease is still a negotiation, and not a do-it-yourself endeavor. Whether its the CLA, your equipment distributor, a local business organization or a real estate lawyer, seek guidance and advice from industry professionals.When you review your lease with them, be sure to consider the following: Do you occupy space in a shopping center with a large anchor tenant? Make sure your lease allows you to request a reduction in rent proportionate to any business lost if that business leaves. Do you operate 24 hours a day? Make sure your ability to do so is outlined in the lease. If your landlord is paying the water and wastewater utility bill, not you, request that they provide proof of payment. If they dont pay the bill on time, its your business that suffers. Make sure the lease terms include clear deadlines and make sure any communication with your landlord is backed up in writing. How are rent increases structured? Pre-negotiated increases let you plan ahead, but many landlords prefer the option of redetermining rent based on fair market value when the lease is renewed.PARTNERING ON IMPROVEMENTS\"It's a partnership. As a landlord, Im relying on the tenants. The tenants are relying on me. It's only as good as we all are together,\" says Holborow.Partnering with your landlord can help you mitigate the expense of store improvements. Some possible avenues to discuss:Rent Abatement The simplest and most common form of assistance landlords can offer is rent abatement or a temporary pause or reduction in rent. This is especially useful if you know you will have to shut down for a few weeks to make renovations and install new equipment.Tenant Improvement Allowance Although less common, landlords may offer a tenant improvement allowance for improvements to the space that will be left behind after you leave, such as new flooring or plumbing. Usually this is paid as a reimbursement for expenses, so make sure you are clear on whether or not your landlord will reimburse you for soft costs like construction management fees.Up-Front Assistance Landlords like Holborow are willing to provide tenants the cash they need to upgrade their business and let them amortize that cost across the lease period. But you have to be able to show them how their business would benefit.If you can say, Heres my plan, heres how much itll cost, Ive talked to the equipment financing people. Itll increase my sales by this much and bring more people to your shopping center, which benefits everybody in the long run, we can negotiate.REEQUIPPING FOR SUCCESSWhat are the roadblocks that are keeping you from investing more in your store? Maybe youre unsure about the ROI, or dont think you can find affordable financing. Download Reequipping for Success for more tips on how to clear those roadblocks.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2023\/05\/Maytag-VnedLeadGenExperts-eBook-Banner.jpg",765,379,false]},{"id":1417,"post_title":"A Q&A on Equipment Financing","post_content":"Upgrading your stores equipment can be the key to continued success, but we know that one of the biggest hurdles to investing in new equipment is the capital expense. To help, Maytag Commercial Laundry offers competitive financing rates through two lenders with plenty of experience in the laundry industry, Eastern Funding and Highland Capital.In this blog, we talk to Eastern Fundings Tony Regan about why equipment replacement is worth financing, the benefits of working with an industry-specific lender, and how owners can get a better handle on their finances. Regan is currently Highlands Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and previously held that same position with American Dryer Corporation\/ADC.Maytag Commercial Laundry: In a business that tends to offer a stronger ROI and schedule flexibility than other industries, why do you think owners are still hesitant to invest in their business?Tony Regan: The most successful operators are constantly investing in their business. More owners are also taking advantage of the stability and flexibility offered by coin laundries to expand into multiple locations and increase efficiencies.The less successful operators dont think about growing their business and miss the long-term opportunity. But the ROI on new equipment is real, as is the increase it adds to the valuation of your business overall. Retools can provide many opportunities, including but not limited to better turnover, reduced maintenance costs and the upgrade to the customer experience.Maytag: What would you say to owners who might be thinking its better to strain their reserves by paying cash rather than taking out financing?Regan: You should take advantage of financing when possible. Your cash reserve is important, so why not pay off the equipment over time and preserve your cash? Lenders want to see an ROI and cash flow that will cover the monthly payments. When considering loans, lenders assume a conservative ROIif the lender is willing to take the financial risk, there shouldnt be any reason why the store owner shouldnt. As a lender, it doesnt benefit us if the new loan is a burden.Maytag: What are the common mistakes you see owners making when investing in new equipment? For owners who haven't invested in new equipment in 15-20 years, what's changed since then?Regan: The typical mistakes I see are not considering the right mix of machines, specifically the size and capacity, and using new equipment as an opportunity to raise their vend prices. A less obvious mistake is not taking the time to make sure customers know how to use the machines, especially if it has been a long time since equipment has been upgraded, or if a new payment system is involved. Without guidance, customers might be confused or scared, leading them to go elsewhere.Maytag: Beyond special financing offers from brands like Maytag, why should owners go with a financing partner that specializes in commercial laundry?Regan: Typically, traditional lenders have not been very active financing coin laundries because of the perception that it was a cash business and that it is difficult to put a value on the business as a whole versus just the hard assets. As industry-specific lenders, we focus on the cash flow of the business, and because there are a number of us, borrowers have multiple options.Some industry lenders are also able to leverage the equity in the business to provide funds for non-equipment upgrades. Because industry-specific lenders better understand the business valuation of a laundromat, owners may find that it is easier to work with them rather than approaching a traditional bank that doesnt.Maytag: Whats one thing owners can do to have a better understanding of their finances on a day-to-day basis, beyond just revenue in and expenses out?Regan: It is important to monitor your business flow. Not just when your store is busy, but the specific machines customers are using.Bigger picture, you need to understand why customers are, or are not, using your laundromat. Is it the equipment? Location? Attendants? Hours of operation? You need to make sure those things are all aligned to maximize WHY people frequent your laundry.Learn about the current financing offers available from Maytag Commercial Laundry through Eastern Funding and Highland Capital here.","post_image":false},{"id":1403,"post_title":"How One Laundromat Owner Continuously Re-equips His Bottom Line","post_content":"Bob Hoezel is the owner of 10 laundromats across Southeast Wisconsin. Hes been in the business for 15 years, and for most of those years, he has depended mainly on Maytag Commercial Laundry machines.With so many stores, Hoezel is constantly reequipping. Some years he just replaces a few machines, other years he retools an entire store, but hes buying new machines every year.I bought my first store in 2005, and by 2012, I had replaced all the machines. Sometimes more than once, like with the small chassis equipment that has been heavily used. I replaced all the dryers in that store 10 years ago, and then the washers over the next two years.Ive been pretty aggressive with equipment retooling over this last year. I have a new store coming online later this year and that's going to be all Maytag Commercial Laundry equipment.His most recent retool was 4th Street Laundry in Beloit, WI. The store is just over 2,000 square feet with 29 washers, from single-load up to 65 lb., and 26 dryers.The water savings stood out.He used the retool to increase vend prices by $0.25 or $0.50, depending on the machine, and says that if the pricing impacted his traffic at all, the increased revenue has more than made up for a few customers leaving.For Hoelzel, his new washers use up to 27% less water than previous Maytag washers* which had a notable impact on his water bill.In my Beloit store, I did notice the water usage go down, he says. I look monthly, comparing to the prior month and year over year. I could clearly see the water usage dropwithout a corresponding sales decrease. And I compared it to another store I have in that same market, that has older machines. So the water savings did stand out to me.Equipment thats friendly to unattended stores.Because his stores are unattended, he needs equipment that can provide good service, even when hes not there. Thats why hes a fan of his Maytag Commercial Laundry multi-load machines.The motorized door locks on Maytag Commercial Laundry multi-load machines feature a self-adjusting pin that makes sure the door is aligned properly. This helps reduce wear and tear on the door. Once the pin is aligned, the door is pulled in to create a complete seal.But unlike other power locking mechanisms, if there is a power outage the machine stores enough backup power to drain the machine and unlock the door, so customers can retrieve their loads.Even if there's a problem, the washer doors will unlock. And I can tell you, customers dont like it when a washer door locks and they cant get their clothes. Hoezel explained not having to go provide service in the middle of the night for locked dryers was a benefit. That's a big selling point for an unattended laundromat.Of course, Hoezel says, he went with Maytag Commercial Laundry equipment because of more than the door lock.He also points out the final spin on his multi-load washers, especially the boost in extraction force from 100 Gs on the previous MFR models to the stronger 200 Gs of his current MYR washers.The length of the Maytag Commercial Laundry warranty was another easy selling point, he says, referring to the 5-year limited warranty covering parts that comes with both the multi-load washers and dryers.Reliability, cycle after cycle.Hoezel recognizes the benefits of replacing equipment or retooling his stores with Maytag Commercial Laundry equipment on a regular basis, and he doesnt wait until machines are past their prime to replace them. I expect equipment to last, but depending on whats out there, I change them out before they really wear down, he says.Thats due to several reasons, he says, from cosmetics to maintenance costs. And because he has multiple stores, When I install new equipment in a store, I use the Maytag equipment I replaced to upgrade another store that maybe hasnt been touched in awhile. So two stores get an upgrade.Using that trickle-down method, hes able to continually renew his stores. Right now the oldest equipment he has is two MFR 60 lb. washers he bought in 2007.For Hoezel, though, its about more than the equipment. Its about having a manufacturer and distributor that he knows have his back.Maytag really seems to stand behind their product. he says. I remember having a problem with some of my dryers a few years ago and my distributor stood behind it. Maytag stood behind it. It's got to be both, he says. Maytag Commercial Laundry has been good to me.*Based on replacement of MFR25 washer to MYR25 washer and average total water use.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/03\/Blog_Images_764x378-03.jpg",764,378,false]},{"id":1426,"post_title":"Keep Your Competitive Edge","post_content":"When youre running a laundromat, it can be easy to fall into a routine. The challenge is not falling into a rut. If youre worried your store is getting a little rough around the edges, or your income isnt what it used to be, it might be time to reevaluate your laundromat and restore your competitive edge.That means taking a critical look at your store to identify any gaps in your service--as well as areas where youve got an edge. Whether youre looking to increase the value of your business, improve customer experience or just maintain the traffic you have, its a good idea to look at your laundromat with fresh eyes at least once a year.Look at your location.There are a lot of things about your business you cant easily change. Like your location, your square footage or the demographics of your local area. But just because your business cant change doesnt mean other things arent changing. Take visibility, for example. Maybe your area has built up since you first opened, and now your store is lost amid dozens of other businesses. Is it time for a new sign?Has the makeup of businesses around you changed? If youre in a shopping mall where an anchor tenant has left and taken customers with it, look to your lease to see if that qualifies you for a reduction in rent proportionate to the loss in business.Has the makeup of residents around you changed? Are there fewer families than there were five years ago, and more single professionals? Different groups may need different things. It could be as simple as offering signage in a second language. Or it could mean an opportunity for a big shift in business, like adding wash\/dry\/fold services.Take stock of your machines.Your machines may be working, but do they look good? If a machine looks like its on its last legs, your customers may be hesitant to drop quarters in.If youre not keeping track of service and maintenance, you might not realize how many hours youre spending on repairs or how long machines are out-of-order. Time is valuable.Are some machines seeing heavy use, while others stay idle? It might be time to rethink your equipment mix. Survey your customers to see if theyre happy with the capacities you have--do they want bigger machines to do larger loads? More single-load machines? They may also appreciate alternative payment options like card readers.Then theres the space itself and the amenities you offer. Do you have enough laundry carts and folding tables to meet demand? Pay attention to whether your customers put in their laundry and leave, or if they stay in the store. Providing book nooks for kids makes parents happy, and adding amenities like vending machines and arcade games can provide opportunities for added income.Review your marketing.Taking a good look at your business also means looking at how you are getting customers to your business. For many customers nowadays, if youre not findable online, youre not findable at all.If you have a website, make sure its up to date. Whether or not you have a website, make sure your information is current on sites like Yelp and Facebook. While youre there, see what customers are saying about you. A timely response to questions or complaints can go a long way.If you are advertising in local publications, online or just by putting up flyers in the neighborhood, consider what youre promoting and to whom. If youre facing a lot of competition, especially in a high-density area, its not always about being cheaper or bigger: its about being able to distinguish yourself. Customers want more than low vend prices. They want available machines, convenient hours and comfortable amenities. Promote what your store has.Take action.Once youve identified your strengths and your gaps, list out changes you want to make, then prioritize them based on whats most cost-effective and realistic. If youre still unsure of where to start, consider your equipment. Replacing even a few machines at a time can help improve your operation on several levels: Customer experience: Improve the look of your store, get rid of out-of-order signs or offer more options. Promotion: New equipment offers the perfect excuse to promote your business and potentially reach new customers. Equipment mix: Optimize your equipment mix, such as replacing single-load machines with multi-load machines that fit in the same footprint. Revenue opportunities: New Maytag Commercial Laundry multi-load machines are programmable and offer flexible pricing options, including cycle add-ons and time-of-day pricing for when machines are in high demand. Free up resources: Invest any money saved thanks to installing more efficient new machines (and any hours previously spent on maintaining old machines) in improving other areas of your business.Your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor can help you determine the equipment mix that can best meet the needs of your customers. Contact us to get in touch with a distributor near you.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/04\/Blog_Images_764x378-04.jpg",764,378,false]},{"id":947,"post_title":"More Than Machines: Making Other Store Improvements During A Retool","post_content":"Customers come to your store to use your equipment, but its the quality of your store that keeps them coming back week after week. If youre in the process of updating your machines, this is the perfect time to take stock of your amenities, services and space.Making other store improvements during the replacement process minimizes the disruption to your customers and lets you take advantage of planned downtime. A refreshed, inviting environment will also help you make the most of your new equipment investment by keeping existing customers happy and attracting new ones.If they have a choice, most people are willing to drive past a nearby, poorly managed store if there is a better-managed store a bit further away. If you want to be that better store, here are some updates to consider.Updates to Your SpaceLets face it, shiny new equipment makes less of an impression if the rest of your store is dingy. When replacing your machines, either partial replacement or full retool, these updates can be the easiest to identify first, especially if youre significantly re-working your layout.A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference for little cost and disruption. Switching out old fluorescent lighting for LED lighting is another relatively easy update that can be taken care of while your store is open for businessIf you do have to close your store to accommodate equipment installation, it makes financial sense to take on larger projects at the same time. Your Maytag distributor can connect you with contractors with laundry store experience who will be able to work with installation technicians on scheduling, not just around them, to efficiently renovate customer bathrooms or install new flooring.If nothing else, invest in a deep clean after the contractors leave. You may be surprised how big of a difference that can make.Upgrading Your ServicesA grand re-opening is the perfect opportunity to unveil new services. If youve been considering hiring store attendants, now is the time. In addition to being there to quickly address customer feedback, theyll help make sure the refurbished store and new equipment stays in good working order.Having staff can allow you to get in on the growing laundry service center model. According to a 2020 industry survey by the Coin Laundry Association, 53% of store owners report increasing demand for wash-dry-fold services.1 Combining self-service with wash-dry-fold, alteration services, dry cleaning drop-off and other commercial services can be a significant source of revenue for stores near business districts full of busy professionals.Even if you dont intend to switch to an attended store model, consider offering drop-off service or additional staff support during the renovations to keep customers happy as they accommodate the disruption.Adding AmenitiesDont forget your other equipment and amenities as you finish out your renovations. Replace laundry carts with broken wheels and damaged folding tables and consider adding more tables if youre gaining space from switching out top-loaders for higher-capacity multi-load washers.According to the 2020 CLA survey, the top two most common non-laundry amenities in stores were vending machines (81%) and WiFi (65%).2 If you have extra space, both snack vending machines and video or arcade games can provide a small revenue boost, and if outsourced to other vendors, require very little of your time.Although WiFi access can be another small revenue stream, the widespread availability of free WiFi means your customers may resent having to pay for it. For college students or school-aged children doing homework, its a necessity. If you have a larger space, consider setting up a separate quiet seating area away from televisions and video games.Finally, and especially if a large percentage of your customers are families with children, consider ways for your store to act as a community hub, whether its just a bulletin board or inviting in community groups to conduct health screenings or hold story hours.Becoming a Maytag Equipped LaundryIf you dont know where to start with remodeling or refreshing your store, you might benefit from becoming an authorized Maytag Equipped Laundry. Any store 100% equipped with Maytag Commercial Laundry machines are eligible.3 In addition to adding the recognizable Maytag name on the outside, youll have access to professional signage and design guidance for everything from paint colors to lighting fixtures to give the inside of your store a clean, polished look.You can get more information on the benefits of becoming a Maytag Equipped Laundry and more tips for growing your business by talking to your local Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor.1, 2 2020 Coin Laundry Association Industry Survey3 Terms and conditions apply.","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/02\/Blog02_Images_764x378.jpg",764,378,false]},{"id":1,"post_title":"Planning For Customer Satisfaction When Replacing Equipment","post_content":"Your customers are the most important part of your business. Thats why when you make decisions about your store, how it will affect your customers should be your first consideration.Customer satisfaction is one of the long-term benefits of replacing equipment in your store and customer satisfaction can be profitable. Research shows customers are willing to pay up to 20% more for new machines.1 But to get to a brighter, cleaner store with new equipment takes downtime. Through new research from the Coin Laundry Association (CLA), we know disruption to daily store operations ranks among the top three challenges of laundromat owners as they consider replacement.2When it comes to replacing machines or retooling your store, there are some specific approaches you can take that put your customers needs first. It all starts with planning the scope of your renovations, educating your customers about changes and rewarding them for loyalty through your stores transformation period.Planning your retoolStart with a list of all the things in your store youre changing. Replacing a few machines can be less disruptive and your store can remain partially open to customers. A stepped approach to replacement is a great way to tackle only certain sections of the store at a time. This helps you balance popular customer machines and traffic patterns with down times in certain areas of the store, keeping your technicians in one area and out of the way of customers.Once you know the extent of your retool, create a timeline for the project. Map out how long the installation phase may take and consider availability of contractors like plumbers or electricians if youre doing additional renovations. Its likely youll have to close or partially close your store during the upgrade. If you also analyze your stores traffic and most productive days, you can pair this with your contracting and replacement schedule and minimize lost revenue during your down time.With an equipment list and timeline in place, dont forget to also plan for signage and disruptions from construction. Customers appreciate clarity. Provide great service by blocking hazardous or in-progress areas with clear barricades and providing signage throughout the store. Let customers know what work is in progress and what machines are still available. Identify areas that are still safe to sit and areas that are off-limits. If customers are left to wonder what they can use and where they can be, they may choose to head to another store. Including customers on the details of the project in these ways helps them remain committed to your location and feel loyalty to the store.And dont forget to keep the renovation as clean and tidy as possiblecustomers will notice.Educate your customersThough missing machines and exposed pipes may feel like obvious cues that change is afoot, never underestimate the value of clear communication with your customers. As you begin your retool, be sure to provide clear, professional signage about the goal of the project. Customers can be encouraged to hear new machines are coming or that a vending area is going to be added to the store. You can choose to not only inform, but also educate. Post information about shorter dry times or bigger load capacity to help customers look forward to the changes with you. Share the project timeline so they can understand that any inconvenience now has an end date. Customers can appreciate change especially when they have a view to its results.This is a great time to use your social media channels. Post progress photos and important information about new machines to provide more real time updates. Youll drive excitement and interest and all it takes are a few photos as the project advances.Now is also the time to learn from your customers and find out what kinds of amenities and services theyre looking for. If youre an attended store in a busier area with lots of professionals, it might be worth considering wash-dry-fold or dry cleaning drop-off service. If your customers tend to be families, new vending machines, arcade games or nicer seating areas might be just as attractive as the new machines.Reward your customersCustomers depend on your services. To help smooth over the disruption to their regular routine, consider rewarding them with discounts to keep them happy during installation, or offering wash-dry-fold service. This simple gesture can help breed loyalty and customer retention.And dont forget to celebrate with your current customers and attract new ones once your retool is complete. Draw attention to your new equipment through in-store signage, social media posts and flyers. Having a grand re-opening creates excitement and a reason to reward customers with a fun atmosphere, giveaways or additional discounts. Draw customers to new machines with incentives during the first few weeks after installation. Help them become comfortable with new models and services so those machines can begin returning profit quickly.If your laundromat is equipped with 100% Maytag Commercial Laundry equipment, you may be eligible to become a Maytag Equipped Laundry and receive a list of ideas and tips for celebrating a full retool.3 Contact your local Maytag distributor for more details.Just remember, your business relies on customers. Plan for their needs, keep them informed and appreciate their patronage through your retool and theyll reward you for it.1 CLA, Deciding When to Replace Laundry Equipment2 CLA, Equipment Replacement Understanding Laundromat Owner Attitudes, Approaches and Motivators3 Terms and conditions apply","post_image":["https:\/\/replacewithmaytag.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/01\/Blog04_Images_764x378.jpg",764,378,false]}]