Maytag Commercial Front-Load Washers

Maytag® Commercial Laundry machines are built to last. That’s because they’re put through a gauntlet of tests, trials and inspections in our test lab to make sure they can handle whatever your laundromat will throw at them.

Our commercial products are built differently and tested more extensively than our residential models, both during the development stage and on the manufacturing line. Our testing plans are flexible and constantly evolving because whenever we find an issue—whether in the lab or in the field—we adapt and change to correct it.

Ultimately, the test lab ensures our machines can stand up to the wear and tear of commercial use.

“Our testing lab is a real advantage for our company,” said Ryan Naudi, Product Development Manager at Whirlpool Corporation. “We really test products to last. We apply stressful conditions early in the product design phase so we can achieve better outcomes. Because performance and reliability expectations are so much higher, all multi-load washers that come off the line get inspected, not just a sample.”


Ryan and the rest of the team put every component of our commercial machines, from motors to door hinges, through extensive accelerated life testing to optimize performance through temperature swings and power surges.

Our commercial washers have larger motors, different seal materials and shaft finishes than the products we engineer for residential use, all of which are put to the test.

A 10-day washer test continuously spins an unbalanced load for 15 million rotations at high speed without break. Washers also undergo an A-frame test, where they must be able to withstand 800 hours of extreme downward force, without failure. Our test lab also features an environmental testing chamber to ensure machines perform in whatever conditions they’re put under.

The team continually makes improvements to things like the machines’ internal imbalance algorithms. They test, tweak and perfect it by running everything from comforters to boots and sometimes even solid metal bars through the machine wash cycle.

“Whatever you throw at us, we’ve got you covered,” Ryan said. “A lot of our equipment is put in really hot or really cold conditions. Maytag® Commercial Laundry equipment is built to last.”


Despite hundreds of hours and thousands of cycles, even our product testing team knows that quality is about more than nuts and bolts.

“Because the performance expectations and reliability expectations are so much higher, all our multi-load washers that come off the production line—one hundred percent—get inspected, get that extra human touch,” Ryan said.

We’re determined to be a brand you can rely on for quality and dependability, in our products and the support we provide. To see this quality and dependability in action, contact your nearest Maytag Commercial Laundry distributor.

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